This must be read at every IoPP technical committee meeting or activity.


            The Board of Directors of the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP) has publicly stated its support for the policy of competition served by Federal antitrust laws, and its intent to comply strictly with these laws.  In support of this Statement, the officers of the Electronic Industry Pallet Standard Task Group make the following requests at this meeting:


1.                  Every member should be familiar with the provisions of the IoPP Statement and General Rules of Antitrust Compliance, copies of which are available from the chairperson or secretary of this committee/task group.

2.                  The agenda for our meetings shall be followed, and permission of the chairperson must be obtained before any other matters of business are introduced.

3.                  During the meeting, there shall be no discussion of pricing methods, costs, volume or conditions of production or sale, allocation of territories or customers, or any discussion which might be construed as limiting any person or business from free access to any market, customer, or source of supply