1. Develop a computer industry standard for shipping platforms.


To reduce total supply chain costs by improving the quality and consistency of pallets used within the computer industry integrated supply chain. It is intended that this will be achieved through the application of this VOLUNTARY specification by the organizations which are part of this supply chain; including, but not limited to the following entities:

Component Suppliers --> Manufacturers --> Resellers / Distributors --> Retailers --> Reverse Logistics

a. Component Suppliers: Companies which are key to the process since they are often the originator of the pallet that should be used throughout the pipeline. They ship parts, subassemblies, and/or finished goods to other manufacturers or direct to selling organizations. Examples: Solectron, Liebert, AMP

b. Manufacturers/OEMs: These are the major computer manufacturers who assemble finished goods from parts either supplied or built themselves. Examples: IBM, HP, Compaq, Apple, Micron, Dell

c. Resellers / Distributors: Organizations who buy large quantities of goods from Manufacturers and reconfigure per customer order. Examples: Ingram Micro, Magirus, CompuNet, Aslan, MicroAge

d. Retailers: Organizations that receive finished goods from manufacturers mostly in customer ready condition. Examples: Circuit City, Best Buy, Sears, CompUSA.

e. Reverse Logistics: Organizations involved in lease returns, salvage operations, and so on. These organizations may be branches of the large manufacturers or vended operations controlled by them. They may be involved in the end-of-life management of the pallet, reuse, or recycling and so on.