Other Related Materials

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This paper provides statistical techniques to analyze sorted drop height and the interpretation for use in package drop testing protocols.


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The purpose if this study was to measure and characterize the various impacts (free fall drops, lateral kicks, and tosses) received by packages in the overnight small parcel environments found at Federal express and United Parcel service.


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This paper presents the results of a study on the package dynamics in the overnight small parcel delivery system.


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This study investigated the effect of drops, tosses, and kicks and the effect of the weight and volume shipped encountered in the United Parcel Service small parcel environment in the United States.


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This study evaluated the effect of the label placement on drop orientation in the small parcel environment.


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This assessment study is on the available data and information describing the common carrier shipping environment. It includes major shipping hazards of shock, vibration, impact, temperature and the humidity associated with handling, transportation and warehousing operations of a typical distribution cycle.


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This paper reviews current package-performance standards and their relationship to the distribution environment. The review investigates the roots of these standards in terms of data acquisition, interpretation and assumptions.


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The report summarizes the distribution system analysis, design of experiment, instrument setup, instrument calibration, test schedule, and data analysis.


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This project has demonstrated that a test specification based on field measurement may differ from generalized tests in both the recommended number of drops and the drop height distribution.


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This paper studied the physical distribution handling environment of Less-Than-Truckload (LTL) shipments in United States, Europe, and Australia.