Measurement and Analysis of Distribution Environments
Meeting November 9, 1998
IBM Chicago Customer Center


35 people were in attendance for the meeting. Each one introduced themselves and gave a brief background on who they worked for and their interest in the project.


Paul Russell gave a quick background and history of the formation of MADE and progress through Alpha Phase.

Report on Phase Beta status

Paul gave a quick overview of Phase Beta. 6 people had volunteered to be shipper and 6 as receivers. A total of six shipments would be made by each shipper, 3 through FedEx and 3 through UPS. At the time of the meeting only half the shipment were made. All data files and web tracking information is being sent to Lansmont for analysis.

Phase Beta Issues

bulletCurrent team (see test plan), Trip Routes (see test plan), and package (see test plan).
bulletNew Equipement
bulletCargoPro has a new product for measuring distribution environments called Shocklog RD298. More info at http://www.cargopro.com/
CargoPro will send a unit to Jorge Marcondes to run through the test protocol developed by the equipment committee.
bulletTest Protocol File - Matt Daum is to send Paul Russell a electronic copy of the equip. test protocol for inclusion on the web site.
bulletNew web site for MADE data - We have a new web site for storing and retrieving the MADE data files. It is located at http://www.iopp-made.org/ and is still under development.
bulletData Analysis - New development
bulletDmitri Pokudin discussed several modifications that needed to be made to the test block and cushion designs. Several of the Beta files used the old Alpha phase setup so those files needs to be more carefully examined.
bulletData Presentation Format
bulletSeveral members started a discussion of how they would want the data to be presented. One clear item identified was to add orientation to the report. Other that that, the group felt that we had a very good starting point and people could move forward with their own special needs.

New Business

bulletA new water proof corrugated material which can be recycled was introduced called M-Guard. Anyone interested should contact Stone or Liberty Container.

Next Meeting - Transpack'99 in Orlando.