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January 7, 1997

Hello MADE members,
Please give the following your utmost attention and support.
Dr. Jorge Marcondes, MADE Analysis Committee Head and Associate Professor 
at San Jose State University is trying to obtain a grant that will aid the MADE 
objective along with supporting the ISTA/IoPP data collection efforts.  Please 
review the following request and respond to Jorge ASAP with a letter of your 

In order to meet the grant proposal deadline, Dr. Marcondes must receive these 
letters no later than January 27, 1997.

Best regards,
Paul Russell

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Subject: NSF/EPA Proposal Letters of Support
Author:  Non-HP-mccartl ( at HP-PaloAlto,mimegw3
Date:    1/7/97 12:18 PM


January 7, 1997

TO:             Paul Russell
                Hewlett Packard

FROM:           Leticia McCart
                San Jose State University

RE:             NSF/EPA PROPOSAL 

Thank you for your continued support of our proposal which will be 
submitted to the National Science Foundation/Environmental Protection 
Agency (NSF/EPA) Partnership Program for Environmental Research.   If 
funded, this work will significantly advance the progress of the MADE 
(Measurement and Analysis of Distribution Environments) study and its 
outcomes.  Unfortunately, we are working under a very short turnaround 
time as the proposal must be received by EPA no later than January 31, 1997.

Specifically, you have expressed willingness to help secure letters of 
support from organizations/individuals who are members of the MADE task 
group.   Since the NSF/EPA program specifically solicits 
university/industry partnerships, these letters are very critical 
documents to include with the proposal.   The letters of support need not 
be lengthy documents (maximum one page) but should include the following 
key points:

        1.  Communicate enthusiasm and need for the project.  

        2.  Identify the specific role your organization will have in the 
        project. Why is this role particularly appropriate and timely in    
        relation to current organizational activities, priorities, etc. If   
        possible, identify the key individual participants who are likely to be
        directly involved -- this would probably be the individual(s) who have
        already been involved with MADE activities.  

        3.  Identify specific contributions your organization will commit 
        to the project.  These contributions can be cash, in-kind donations,
        engineering time (human resources), use of equipment or service (value),

        4.  Close document by reaffirming your organizational commitment to 
        collaborating with San Jose State University (Dr. Jorge Marcondes) to 
        achieve the research objectives and advancing the progress of the MADE
        task group.  

Ideally, we'd like to receive an original letter on the company letterhead.  

Recognizing the limited time available to secure letters, second best would be 
to receive a faxed version of the letter and as a last resort, e-mail will work 
as well. The letters should be addressed to:

            Dr. Jorge Marcondes
            Associate Professor of Packaging Technology 
            San Jose State University 
            One Washington Square
            San Jose, California 95192-0058

Dr. Marcondes e-mail address is: 
and his fax # is 408/924-2955 or 408/924-3114.  

Thank you again for all of your support and assistance.