Meeting on Feb 24, 1999

Orlando, FL

1. Introductions

2. Paul Russell gave an overview of the project, its objectives, justification and current status.

3. Paul Russell requested the membership be expanded, especially with people interested in being sender/receiver of packages.

4. Beta phase summary - data was collected and sent to Dallas Instruments. Dmitri received files from 4 routes.

5. Dmitri suggested some modifications, including open cell foams, and proposed to run a test to see if there are significant differences between open cell and closed cell foams.

Action item - Dmitri to let Jorge Marcondes know if more boxes or foams are needed to that request is made to THARCO.

6. Data analysis - it was suggested that only drops equivalent to above 12" should be kept in the analysis and reports.

7. Several matters were left undecided:

Data analysis plan

For the next phase, who will do data analysis?

When should next phase start?

8. Dmitri agreed to continue on the data analysis and to recommend changes in SAVER calibration.

End of meeting.

Submitted by Jorge Marcondes