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Following are the minutes from the last MADE Equipment Group meeting, held Thursday, October 10th.

Paul Russell
Greg Hoshal
Jack Dority
Bill Kipp
Matt Daum

1.  Discussion on project scope:   Our group agreed the scope of this 
initial project would be more "process" orientated rather than 
quantitative.  In other words, we want to limit the scope to test the 
process of collecting good data, instead of focusing solely on 
capturing lots of data.  Therefore, we would like to see 5-6 shipments 
with one "package" through the FedEx environment, and 5-6 shipments 
with one "package" through the UPS environment.  One shipment will 
consist of one complete roundtrip.  The packages will not be opened 
until the end of the shipment.

2.  Discussion on the "package":    We agreed each package will consist 
of one IST EDR-3 recorder, and one Lansmont SAVER.  The units will be 
packaged side by side, protected to a 50 G, 48" drop criteria.  A big 
thanks to Herb, who has generously offered to build the packages.  
Herb, we will take you up on your offer.   Lansmont and IST will send 
one recorder each to Herb to be packaged (date to be determined).  
First, insurance details need to be worked out to compensate in case of 
loss or damage.  Otherwise, the recorders are ready to be sent.  The 
Equipment Group recommends modeling the package for a 70 lb product, 
but we will follow the results from John Cornell's 25 lb vs 70 lb 
survey.  The box will be white (no dioxins, of course).

3.  Discussion on recorders:  Agreed to use Pacific Standard Time as 
the default time/date setting.  For optimal results, IST recommends 
using only EDR recorders having a 50 G full scale maximum.  In parallel 
to the first test shipment, we agreed to sanction lab testing of both 
recorders, to better understand how each records and reports data.  I 
will write the test plan, and have the HP Quality Assurance Group do 
the testing.  I will then make the report available to MADE.  Expected 
completion date for this testing is end of November.  One SAVER and one 
EDR-3 from HP divisions will be used for testing.

4.  Results of data recorder survey:  15 responses indicating recorders 
available for use.  8 Savers, 5 EDR-3s, 100 G full scale, and 1 EDR-3, 
50 G (maybe 500) full scale.  Only the 50 G full scale would be used 
for the study.