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Survey Findings from 11/15/96

Hello everyone,

As part of defining the test plan, I had thrown out a couple of questions to the group for comments. Here is a brief description of the results: (note all oth er comments have been captured and will influence future direction)

  1. Sample weight and size - No Change - 25 lb/appropriately sized The clear majority of people, legitimately feel that the already agreed up on weight and size should be used for this initial, simple, limited study. The comments did however indicate an immediate interest in studies at the 60 - 100 lb. range. It should be noted that the majority of these people were i nterested not only in the heavier products but also in products with significant offsets in C of G, like monitors and TV's.
  2. The shipping route will be from an equipment owner to an interim person and back to the same equipment owner. The proposal was made to have the interim destination be the carrier (FedE x or UPS) instead of an actual person/company. Since internal company handling results in drop hazards we should not excl ude this variable in our study Very few other comments came in on either the feasibility or the appropria teness.

John Cornell