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                      MADE Meeting Minutes
                        February 24, 1998
                           Phoenix, AZ
Paul Russell - Hewlett-Packard
Carles Vinas - Hewlett-Packard
Bill Kipp - Lansmont
Dick Sheehan - 3M
Derek Haines - Compaq
Jorge Marcondes - SJSU
Denny Stover - Dow Plastics
Ron Johnson - Intel
Julian Kim - Sony
Kevin Howard - Hewlett-Packard
Greg Hoshal - IST
     Paul Russell and Jorge Marcondes gave the group a general
overview of the MADE progress since the last meeting held at 
TransPack '97. 
Data Results of Alpha Phase
     - Six round trips were recorded by both units; 2 files were lost. 
     - Looked at drops above 10 inches (equivalent drop height). 
     - Examined same time stamped events
     - There was disagreement between units 
     - Alpha Phase 
              - First blush was that we have a problem.
                Side by side recorders were showing a wide 
                variance in recorded events. Recorder 
                manufacturer became involved to analyze files 
                and came back with more differences.
               - Issue was that the manufacturer were looking at
                different parts of an event in what was termed an 
                "Event Storm." This occured because the "window" 
                recorded did not agree completely between units 
                (although the units were triggered by the same 
                event, the recorded wave forms started and ended 
                at different times, sometimes missing important 
                parts of an event).
     - Conclusion   
               - Waveform good agreement between units.
               - Recorders software analysis did not agree.
               - System analysis tools are different so events didn't map
               - Real events  - almost no free fall events
                                happened, only impacts
                              - no flat line in distribution, always
   - Lansmont - Based on the findings, Lansmont is moving
                forward with an independent research study to 
                understand how time / acceleration can translate 
                in to usable lab testing.
              - To keep MADE on track and speed up progress,
                Lansmont offered 12 Saver units to be used in 
                the Beta phase. These units can be used until 
                the end of the year at no cost. Lansmont will 
                also provide funds for the analysis of the 
                collected data.
              - The group accepted the generous offer. IST EDR
                3 units will still be used in Beta, as they 
                become available, and IST offered to analyze 
                those files.
Finalize Alpha - The group concluded that Alpha phase still
                 needs to be concluded on characterizing the 
                 differences seen by both recorder units.
ISTA - Interested in partnering with the MADE task group.
     - They can add resources and have carriers in their membership. 
     - They have a process in place to register companies for
       the File Naming Protocol.
Package System Calibration Standard needs to be finalized by the 
Test Plan Committee.
Next Meeting
     - ISTA Conference - April 16 - Orlando, FL