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M.A.D.E. -- Measurement and Analysis of Distribution Environments

Minutes of Meeting April 16, 1998, Orlando


Quint Marini, UPS; Greg Hoshal, IST; John Henry Wells, Oregon State U.; Robert Lancaster, Thomson; Josh Larson, Sony; Paul Koning, Williams-Sonoma; Mark James, Tektronix; Kurt Van Dam, Frigidaire; Dave Leinberger, Tektronix; Yongquan Zhou, Federal Express; Jack Dority, Lansmont; Dennis Traynor, Lexmark; Bill Kipp, Lansmont; Guy Kriske, UPS; Denis Amato, UPS; Jorge Marcondes, SJSU.

Meeting was called to order at 3:15 PM

1. Introductions - new members were introduced and welcomed

2. Phase alpha - Marcondes went through the final report on phase alpha and pointed out the major obstacles encountered in this phase, all detailed in the report. There was some discussion on the accuracy of the units, and suggestion for additional studies in phase alpha before going to phase beta. However, the group felt that, in spite of the disagreements, the data is valid and phase beta should move forward. Marcondes will contact the sub-committee chairs for an update on the test plan;

3. Phase Beta Resources

3.1. Recording units: Kipp reaffirmed that Lansmont will provide 12 units and IST agreed to do the same.

3.2. Other resources needed to proceed: Lancaster will provide the dummy products to make the 20 lb. packages. Marcondes will contact Tharco to obtain the shipping boxes and foams. Federal Express and UPS agreed to continue supporting the project by waving shipping charges. Accounts and needed paperwork will be the same as in phase alpha.

3.3. Revised Test Plan: Senders and receivers are required. Marcondes will contact administration and test plan subcommittees chairs for a revised version and to determine the senders and receivers. The equipment committee will contact Lansmont and IST regarding algorithms development. Lansmont and IST agreed to look at new recording parameters to address "event storms" issues and capture more information after each event (longer recording window after triggering). Kipp and Hoshal agreed that the threshold for impact recording was too low for phase alpha and it should be increased. No specifics were determined.

4. Review of sub-committee participation

A sign up sheet was passed to all ISTACON attendees. New members have joined. Membership list needs update.

Meeting ended at 5:30 PM.