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     MADE Meeting Minutes
     February 21, 1997          February 25, 1997
     Hewlett-Packard            Omni Rosen Hotel
     Palo Alto, CA              Orlando, FL
     Palo Alto                  Orlando
     Phil Abel - Amdahl         John Bridges - Dell
     John Cornell - Sun         Scott Cordes - Tenneco Pkg
     Dave Huntley - Lansmont    Greg Hoshal - IST
     Kevin Main - Sony          Kevin Howard - HP
     Jorge Marcondes - SJSU     Keith Jackson - Tenneco Pkg
     Paul Russell - HP          Bill Kipp - Lansmont
     Rob Salinas - Ventritex    Robert Lancaster - Thomas Elec.
     Brian Tudor - Applied Mat  David Leinberger - Tektronix
     Paul Zakian - Sage Tech.   Paul Russell - HP  
                                Jim Southwell - Tenneco Pkg
                                Bud Sweitzer - Tenneco Pkg
     Summary of both meetings
     1.0 Introductions.
     Everyone introduced themselves and explained what they were expecting 
     out of this project.  There were several new people who had heard 
     about the MADE project by word of mouth or the web site.
     2.0 Highlevel Overview of MADE Activities 
     Paul briefly discussed what activities have been taking place in each 

     - Alpha phase will most likely take place in April and will only involve 2 
     companies, making 5 shipments through each carrier hub. Alpha will be 
     used only as a process check.
     - Beta phase will take place after the results of alpha are known. Beta 
     will be a larger study.  Currently, it is unclear how many field data 
     recorders will be available for this study.  
     3.0 Committee Report
     3.1 Project Admin. - Paul Russell
     Paul presented a chart that showed who the members are of each committee 
     and what their area of responsibilities are.
     3.1.1 Routes
     Paul provided an overview of the logistical issues that have come up.  Mark
     James has been conducting a majority of the investigation and communication
     with the carriers. Both carriers are willing to re-route MADE shipments 
     through their respective hubs at no charge.  It addition, each carrier will
     provide shipping labels for the study. Federal Express voiced a concern 
     that the UPS units should pass through their main hub in Kentucky, not the 
     hub in Chicago. This needs to be investigated further.

     3.1.2 Software
     Each field data recorder uses its own software engine to analyze collected
     data. This will create a problem in the future when all our data files are 
     publicly available. Users will need a copy of each software to review the 
     data. Paul asked both field data recorder manufacturers if they have a 
     shareware version of their software. They both indicated they did and would
     provide a copy of each to Paul.  Paul also asked if he could investigate 
     combining them into a single software engine that could read and manipulate
     either data file. Once again both manufactures agreed and felt that this 
     should also be shareware.   
     3.1.3 Justification 
     Paul also asked if the Generic Justification, published in November, has 
     been useful. A few indicated that it had helped explain the project to 
     their management. 
     3.2 Test Plan - John Bridges
     John has developed version 3.0 of the Test Plan.  This received great 
     attention at both meetings and will not be featured in these minutes. Paul 
     will develop Version 4.0 and post on the MADE web site and mail hard copies
     in the third week of March. 
     3.3 Equipment - Matt Daum
     Matt Daum was not present at either meeting but Paul Russell gave a summary
     of activities to date.  Matt Daum, Paul Russell, John Cornell, and Jorge 
     Marcondes conducted 2 lab free-fall drop studies of both IST and Lansmont 
     field data recorders.  The result of the investigation has been shared
     with both manufacturers to verify the proper protocol was used. In addition
     to the free-fall drop, Matt Daum conducted a toss simulation.  This 
     simulation caused the recorders to pre-trigger and inaccurate data was 
     captured.  After further discussion with both recorder manufacturers, Matt 
     plan to re-conduct the toss test in March.  Each recorder manufacturer is
     to provide Matt with equipment for the test.  Once completed, Matt will 
     publish his results to the entire MADE membership.
     Matt is in the process of developing the specs. for the "dummy" woodblock 
     product.  The gross weight of the packaged test unit will be 25 lbs.  Herb 
     Schueneman will build the "dummy" woodblock products for both Alpha and 
     Beta phases of the project.

     3.4 Statistical 
     No report was given.
     Due to other commitments, Mike William has stepped down as the 
     Committee's Chair.  He has been replaced by Richard Sheehan from 3M. 
     Richard plans to work closely with Analysis Committee Chair, Jorge 
     3.5 Analysis - Jorge Marcondes
     3.5.1 Raw data
     Jorge has been working with the field data recorder manufacturers to obtain
     the proper protocols for saving unprocessed data.  It is critical that the
     data files are in the raw state to allow for proper analysis. Jorge will 
     provide the instructions for saving only raw data to the test plan chair.
     3.5.2 Wave Form Analysis
     In order to identify what type of event occurred the field data 
     recorder's wave form needs to be characterized. Tina Wong of Westpak will 
     be investigating and identifying wave form characteristics from field data 
     recorders. This will become part of the analysis committee's document.
     3.5.3 NSF/EPA Grant 
     Jorge reported that he has completed and submitted an NSF/EPA grant 
     proposal to help carry on the MADE effort after the Beta test.  

Next Meeting

To be determined after Alpha phase has been conducted.