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January 13, 1997
Hello MADE Members,

Below is the generic justification "write-up" from the Project Admin. committee.
Please feel free to use this to obtain support from your management. If you have
any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Paul Russell

Project Proposal
Measurement and Analysis of Distribution Environments (MADE)


Participate in an industry consortium to collect transportation environment data (shock, vibration, and temperature) within the distribution channels [your company name here] uses.

The majority of today's high tech companies, including [your company name here], base their package specifications and test requirements on information collected between 1959 and 1977. However, these measurements were taken with recording devices with low accuracy and poor repeatability. This key element of the process was often overlooked by the users of the information. Additionally, improvements in the distribution channel's equipment and procedures make it necessary to collect new data to characterize modern distribution systems. Today's new recording devices have overcome the problems of accuracy and repeatability, shedding new light on the shipping environment.

Expected Results

A better understanding of our distribution environment which will allow [your company name here] to develop more cost effective packages that deliver higher performance. A glimpse into the future may reveal a worldwide web site from which a packaging professional could access information on the shock, vibration, and climate hazards of a given route. The user could identify a proposed shipping route, and the site would return a high level summary report, complied from the data stored there (see appendix A). The user could then refine their inquiry to get more specifics about the information collected and its applicability to their particular product and distribution channel. Testing could then be customized to represent a given set of transit hazards, which could lead to a reduction of packaging materials and logistics costs.

Development Partners

3 Com Corp. 3M Masking & Packaging Amdahl
Amtech Systems Corp. Apple Computer Inc. AST Computer
Cal Poly State Univ. Cisco Systems Compaq Computer Corp.
Consolidated Freightways Data General Corp Dell Computer Corp.
Dennis Young & Assoc. Federal Express Corp. Hewlett-Packard
IBM Industrial Boxboard Intel
IoPP IST Lam Research
Lansmont Corp. Lexmark Int. National Semiconductor
NEDA Packforsk Quantum
San Jose State Univ. Seagate Shiva Europe Ltd
Silicon Graphics Sony Corporation Sun Microsystems
Tektronix Inc. Tenneco Packaging Teradyne Connection Sys.
Thomson Consumer Elec. Tharco Unisys
United Parcel Service US Postal Service Ventritex
Watkins-Johnson Co. Westpak Xerox Corporation
Zenith Electronics

Committees Membership

Committee Administration Test Plan Equipment Statistical Analysis
Companies HP Apple Amtech Apple FedEx
  Lansmont Compaq Apple FedEx HP
  Sun Micro Dell Dell Intel IST
  Tektronix HP FedEx Lansmont Lansmont
    Lansmont Intel   Sony
    Lexmark IST
    Sony Lansmont
    Sun Micro Sony
    Tektronix Watkins-Johnson
    Tharco Westpak



Period Activity
Sept. to Dec. '96 Develop Draft Test Plan and Protocol
Evaluate and Calibrate Recorders
Jan. to Feb. '97 Obtain Group Agreement on Test Plan and Protocol
Mar. to May '97 Start Alpha Data Collection
Fine Tune Recorder Parameters
Jun. to Aug. '97 Start Overall Analysis of Data
Fine Tune Test Plan and Protocol
Sept. '97 Present Findings to Group
Decide Future Study (Beta)
Oct. to TBD Start Beta Collection

Cost Information

10K for equipment (if needed)
4K travel and meeting
3K Analysis
TBD Further distribution channel study