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MADE Project Admin minutes 9/18/96

     To: John Cornell          cc: Mike Williams - Statistical Head
         Robert Frank              Matt Daum - Equipment Head 
         Kevin Howard              Jorge Marcondes - Analysis Head 
         Perry Biancavilla         John Cornell - Test Plan Head 
         Mark James
         Janice Fok
     Subject: MADE Project Admin. First Meeting follow-up
     Well, I forgot to give you the conference ID# to link into to the 
     conference call.  Only Mark James, Janice Fok, and myself attended the 
     Although there was only three of us, we were able to get some items 
     knock out. I left voice mail message for the rest of you about the 
     Next Meeting
     Our next  conference call meeting is set for Oct 8th at 9:30am PST.
     On Oct 8th please call (415)857-5001 ID#5663 at 9:30am PST.
     Minutes/Action Items from 9/18/96
     1.0 Project Administration
     1.1 Cost/Financing 
     1.1.1 Equip. mfg. donations (Equipment Committee will provide data on 
     available equipment, cost/lease options, vendor contacts) 
           - No action
     1.1.2 Carriers cover shipping (Carriers agreed at the meeting they 
     will provide free transport.  However, we need to let them know how 
     many units will be shipped and where.) 
           - Mark James will contact the carriers to confirm commitment. 
     1.1.3 Gov't funding to Univ. (Jorge Marcondes from SJSU to investigate 
     possibilities and report to me. Further investigation will be based on 
     the outcome of the trial project.)
           - Jorge Marcondes did find 50% match Government funds for this 
             type of study. However, industry needs to provided the other 
           - John Cornell will contact Jorge to discuss the possibility  
             of companies donating "engineering time" to count as the 
             industry match. 
     1.2 Time frame (3 months collection 3 months analysis. Collection to 
     begin when other committees work is complete.)
           - No Action
     1.3 Voting/Buy-in (consensus of the meeting is to deal with this when 
     needed.  However, should we develop a protocol anyway as insurance?)
           - No Action
     1.4 Generic Justification (The group felt that we needed a write-up as 
     to why our respective management should let us conduct and fund this 
           - Janice Fok will research and develop a draft.  Any one with 
             information or previous justifications or write-ups, please 
             forward them to Janice.
     1.5 Reporting/Documentation (This will be to write-up of the trial 
     project and the results/recommendations.)
           - No Action
     1.6 Definitions (Develop a common understanding of terms and 
     application phrases used by all committees. This will be a work in 
     process and contributions should come from the other committees.)
           - No Action