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spacerInformation about the origins of is the idea of Paul Grady Russell CPP/Fellow.

Paul worked at Hewlett-Packard Company for over 18 years and help built an internal packaging community which is considered a valuable resource by the company. Paul's idea (with the help from his good friend Dane Collins) was to take this same approach but expand it globally using internet technology to create an online packaging community of people interested in building a high-quality packaging information to share with others. 

"Working together we can solve a lot more of the world's problems than going it alone"


More about Paul

A skilled relationship builder combining expertise and performance in:

Big Picture Thinking                      Creative Solutions Thinking         Project Management
Supply Chain Management            Benchmarking                           Strategy Development/Implementation
Quality Assurance                        Logistics & Returns                    Process Re-Engineering

Change Management                    Technical Negotiation                 Community Building & People Skills


San Jose State University , San Jose, California
Bachelor of Science (with Distinction), December 1986
Major: Industrial Technology     Concentration: Packaging Technology       
Minor: Business


               Director      - International Safe Transit Association (ISTA)

                    Member   - Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP)

- Certified Packaging Professional (1997 - 2007)

- College of Fellows (March 2000)

- Past Chair of M.A.D.E. (Measurement and Analysis of Distribution Environments) Task Group

- Past Vice-Chair of EIPS (Electronics Industry Pallet Standard) Task Group

- Past Golden Gate Chapter VP

- Past Co-Chairman of Environmental Task Group R3P2

- Past Golden Gate Chapter Environmental VP (1991 - 1993), Educational VP (1993 - 1995),

    & Technical VP (1995 – 2000)

                    Member - American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

                    Chairman - San Jose State University Packaging Program Advisory Board

                    Member & Past Chair - Cal Poly State University Packaging Program Advisory Board

Project Leadership

Examined specific packaging issues, which had company wide implications (strategic & tactical), and developed the strategy, mission, and action plan. Responsible for establishing integrated cross-functional work team, managing the project and directing teams members through influence, organizing & documenting results, and achieving the objective with group consensus.

Internal HP task teams

   Packaging Engineering Manual (1990 - 1994)

   Product Protection Test Manual 8/1/96  (Internal, External, & web versions)

   Vendor Integrated Partnership (VIP) Procurement Strategy and Program

   Retail Graphics Color Tool and Guideline (1997)

   EU Packaging Requirements Guideline (1999)

   Packaging Process Reinvention (2000)

   Thermoform Plastic Clamshell Policy (2001)

   Retail Packaging Benchmarking Process and Analysis (2001)

   Design for Localization (2002)

   Test Manual Revision (2003)

   Environmental Packaging Advisory Council (2001-2003)

   Packaging Brand sub-team for New HP Retail Graphics development (2003-2006)

   EMEA Packaging Commodity Council (2004-2005)


External task teams

o     IoPP R3P2 - (1990 - 1993) Reduction, Reuse, and Recycling of protective Packaging) - A group of packaging engineers in the electronics & distribution industry interested in developing a handbook to develop environmentally responsible packaging.  

o     IoPP MADE (1996 - 2000) (Measurement and Analysis of the Distribution Environment) - A group of packaging engineers in the electronics & distribution industry interested in measuring their distribution environment.

o     Co-chair - IoPP EIPS (Electronic Industry Pallet Standard Task Group) - A group of packaging professionals in the electronics & distribution industry interested in developing a standard shipping platform.

Track Record

Developed company wide standards to address technically challenging issues. Devised portable color standard tool to ensure worldwide brand color compliance. Led expert team to write packaging test rational and methodology standards. Developed company wide policy that addresses usage of thermoformed plastic enclosures. Led team to modify packaging brand graphics to increase manufacturability and significantly reduce costs/scrap while not impacting the customer experience.

Lead benchmarking activity and developed company packaging strategies. Developed a process for conducting competitive analysis for direct comparison of packaging elements. Worked with external companies and internal product groups, facilitated information collection process, and analysis. Results lead to the identification of key opportunities and new company wide packaging strategies.

Regulatory lead responsible to establish strategic direction and compliance for worldwide operations. Designed models to analyze logistics costs, resolved importing/exporting compliance issues, and worked with contract manufacturer’s logistics group and other HP worldwide factories to resolve issues and optimize performance. Established external consultancy agreement and processes to obtain on going & sustainable regulatory compliance information and analysis

Innovation and creativity

Patents Granted

US PAT. NO.     Title

6,672,456          Flexible packaging film pouch with internal stiffener to create an anti-pilfering package 

6,636,175          Method and apparatus for acquiring a remote position 

6,896,134          Armored Peripheral Case

D473,563          Portable electronic device protective pad attachments 

D473,562          Portable electronic device protective pad attachments 

6,505,121          Onboard vehicle navigation system (also EU European Patent 02255411.7)

6,978,939          Portable imaging device accessory for a personal data assistant 

6,978,585          Flexible packaging film pouch with internal stiffener to create an anti-pilfering package 

6,978,162          Integrated portable entertainment, information and communication system linked to a wireless helmet


Patents Pending

PUB. APP. NO. Title

20040118945     Portable air writing device 

TBD                  Digital Media Downloading System

TBD                  Paper Fiber Flexure And Pneumatic Deceleration Spring Design With Die Cut Hold And Retention Film

20040239098     An Article and Method of Fabrication thereof for Providing Tamper Detection Evidence

20040183913     Portable Photo-Printer Device Accessory for A Personal Data Assistant

20030125110     Games Utilizing Electronic Display Strips and Methods of Making Display Strips

20030135338     Real-Time Energy Monitoring System


Teaching, Presentation & Published Paper

Co-authored a paper on "Qualifying ESD-Protective Materials" published in EOS/ESD Technology magazine February/March 1990.

Co-authored and Senior Editor for IoPP R3P2 Handbook for Environmentally Responsible Packaging in the Electronics Industry, published September 1992.

Authored a paper on “Packaging Professionals Entering the Information Age” published in International Association of Packaging Educators symposium proceedings, November 1996.                     

Authored a paper on “Industry Efforts to Improve Measurement and Analysis of the Distribution Environment” published in the IoPP 14th Educational Symposium on Transport Packaging proceedings, February 1997.

Authored a paper on "Hewlett-Packard's Packaging Supplier Evaluation Process and Criteria" published in the IoPP 16th Educational Symposium on Transport Packaging proceedings, February 1999

            Lecture at San Jose State University every semester about the packaging industry and electronics industry. Lectures cover package design issues, regulatory requirements, environmental issues and laws, and functional interactions.

            Co-authored and Senior Editor for IoPP P2E2 - MADE (Measurement and Analysis of the Distribution Environment) committee - MADE Final Report, published August 11, 1999.

Authored a paper on "Selling Packaging to your CEO" published in the Dimensions.01 Symposium proceedings, February 27, 2001.

Authored a paper on "How Hewlett-Packard is using Benchmarking to Drive Packaging Cost Reductions and Quality Improvements" - February 8, 2002 

Authored a presentation on “RFID - Radio Frequency Identification Tags, Uses, Benefits, Markets, Forecasts, Implications” – October 3, 2002

Authored a paper on “HP Environmental Packaging: Where We've Been, Where We're At, Where We're Going” - March 1, 2004

Author and Executive editor for “Product Protection Test Book”, Institute of Packaging Professionals – Technical Books - Published April 2005.


o     1993 Business Environmental Award - Peninsula Conservation Center for work on the R3P2 Packaging Council in Waste Reduction

o      Member of US Congress Recognition, - Letter of congratulations from Honorable Anna G. Eshoo, 14th District of California, for distinguished leadership in conservation, November 22, 1993

o      IoPP Certified Packaging Professional - Life

o      IoPP Special Recognition Award, given by Golden Gate Chapter, August 1999

o      IoPP College of Fellows, March 2000

o      San Jose State University - Packaging Program - Distinguished Honorary Award (May 2000)





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