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Paulie's Olive Oil

Pamela Vaska - "I LOVE your spicy olive oil, Paul!"

Ann Clarke - "The best ever…try it on pizza or Mexican food"

Randy Boeller - "I am hooked. Take some chicken breast tenderloins, marinate in a mixture of Paulie’s pepper infused olive oil and red wine vinegar, grill and put on a salad of mixed greens with some red wine vinaigrette dressing. I’m thinking a couple of times a week."

Chris Collins - "I got a fever and the only cure is MORE PAULIE'S"

Maggie Turner - "I use it sparingly as I don't want to run out"

Alex Parker - "I sneak it into all my pasta sauces and my roommate wants to know what my secret is for making great sauce."

Marilyn Ritchie -"This oil is SO addictive! Now we can't live without it!"

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