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Background on the idea for Paulie's

In 1815, Napoléon Bonaparte reunited with his troops just south of Grenoble, France to retake the government. Legend has it that on their marched to Paris, Napoléon fed his troops pizza that he discovered while in exile. Today the path he took is called “La Route Napoléon” and it is peppered with small family pizza restaurants.  It is at one of these restaurants (Pizza Napoleon) that I discovered this spicy olive oil to to drizzle on pizza, pasta, soups, etc...  I could never find it here in the USA...so, after perfecting the recipe, I started making my own for family and friends. They kept asking for more, so Paulie's was born. Each bottle is proudly hand-crafted in small batches using only top ingredients. No matter what you're having - you'll want to pour on the Paulie's! 


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