bulletNew - HP performance based drawing specifications
bullet Stringer Pallet Spec. Notes (Word)
bullet48"x40" Stringer (PDF)
bulletPallet Test Value calculator (Excel)    
bulletNew - USA Federal Register
bulletBeginning September 16, 2005, wood packaging material entering the United States will have to be heat-treated or fumigated, and marked in a visible location, with a legible and permanent mark (as per the international standard, ISPM 15) indicating that the article has been treated as required.
bulletEIPS letter that was submitted to the Chinese AQSIQ - July 5, 2004
bullet English version      
bullet Chinese version
bulletThe Pallet Phytosanitary Project is a cooperative effort of the Limestone Bluffs RC&D, Inc. and the US Forest Service's Wood Education and Resource Center.
bulletNewsletter 10
bulletNewsletter 9
bulletBulletin 8 - describes the results of a research project funded under the Project's Competitive Grants Program.
bulletBulletin 7 - describes the results of a research project funded under the Project's Competitive Grants Program.
bulletBulletin 6 - dielectric heating tests
bulletBulletin 5 - dielectric heating tests
bulletBulletin 4
bullet EIPS Specification Document Number "EIPS2000-02SEP2003".pdf (see archive for past versions)
bulletAustralian Solid wood packaging cargo, June 15, 2003 (.doc)
bullet IPPC Spec complete with new compliance symbol (pdf)  (BMP)- June 2003
bulletThe APHIS representative to IPPC reports that he spoke with the head of the IPPC this morning regarding the use of the new mark to show treatment of wood packing. IPPC advises that the mark has been registered by FAO for use in North America and elsewhere. IPPC will be issuing guidance on the use of the mark soon. Interest parties should watch the IPPC web site for news. Their web site is: http://www.ippc.int/IPP/En/news.jsp  
bullet USDA's proposed rule to regulate imported solid wood packing materials. 05/19/03
bullet IBM presentation on wood bug issue ( PDF)
bullet IPPC standard - final - please note: bug symbol is no longer valid
bulletNWPCA Regulatory Alert - March 22, 2002 (Word and PDF)
bulletHP's pallet
bulletIntel "EIPS compliant" pallets
bulletGlobal NMWP marking symbols 
bulletFrequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) Regarding Wood Packing restrictions.
bulletAmerican Lumber Standard Committee, wood policy and enforcement for United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)
bullet  Draft Global Wood Standard - Jane Levy (USDA) WoodPack.doc   WoodPack.pdf
bullet EIPS-1 and EIPS-2 symbols. Modified for optimal stenciling on wood.
bullet  Bug-free Symbols for Stenciling  
bulletPallet Questionnaire (MSWord) (Adobe pdf)
bulletOfficial EU Commission Decision from the Brussels meeting
bullet EU01-02-27-SCPH-Summary.doc 
bullet decision1811enr9.doc
bulletNWPCA gives its first Innovation Award to the EIPS task Group
bulletDimensions.01 Presentation on EIPS
bulletProposed Markings 1-8-01
bulletSolid Wood Packaging Materials bans (MS Excel) (Adobe pdf)
bulletPallet components description
bullet A 'NAIL-FREE' TIMBER PALLET from Chep
bullet Pests, Pallets, and International Trade: What's the Future?
bulletComputer Industry Pallet Specification Draft Updated 6/15/2000 (word - 92 KB)   (Lotus WordPro  - 120KB)
bulletWood Marking Procedure 6-13-00  (Word - 19KB)
bulletFinland - Coniferous Wood Treatment  to prevent the spread of the pine wood nematode
bulletSuggested Test Protocol for EIPS Pallet 2  4/27/00
bulletChep presentation to team in Orlando 4/27/00
bulletSuggested Test Protocol for EIPS Pallet 3/16/00
bulletJournal of Commerce; New York; Feb 18, 2000
bulletPlywood exempt from Solid Wood Packaging Req.
bulletBrazilian regulation regarding wooden packaging in English for your reference. (file: REG499EN.zip)
bulletIBM's Supplier Wood Certification Template (Word - 16KB)
bulletEIPS Strawman  (Word)
bulletComments (1, ..)
bulletAluminum pallets  New - (Letter to EIPS)  (Pallet Drawing for EIPS)
bulletUpdate on Sea Containers - June 16, 1999
bulletEIPS Survey Responses  (Lotus)   (Excel) You can use either one to input your survey response. Simply download the sheet and rename it as eips survey yourcompany.xls or 123 whichever format you prefer then delete all input columns aside from your own. Bob Sanders will then paste your response into the master file.
bulletCapacities and Dimensions in the Distribution System
bulletChemical Industry Pallet Spec.
bulletPallet Concepts

bulletPallet Use & Handling Questionnaire (MS Word File - 32KB)
bulletComparisons of Pallet Materials & Summary of Existing Pallet Pool Programs
bulletEIPS Pallet Fit Analysis